A new concept of free time

Back in college, Sunday was designated as official homework day. It meant a day in sweats, papers scattered all over my bed, and a Law and Order marathon playing on the television. It was the only day that didn’t require rushing to classes or interning, leaving the whole day to play catch up to prepare for the next week.

Movies and television shows portray college students of having hours upon hours of free time to play video games, eat pizza, and partake in philosophical discussions. I don’t know what students they’re basing their characters on, but my friends and I were the polar opposite. Starting the day at 7 am, we were always running to catch a bus to get to an internship, or heading to class. In my case, the regular day was filled with interning, which basically was working a full work day. And as any intern can relate, there is never a free moment for an intern, especially with offices smaller than ever. Not that I minded being accessible to everyone, but it was the same pressure and professionalism experienced in an actual paying job.

While actual employees would be able to leave the office and head back to their homes to unwind, my night was only starting. The minute I stepped into my apartment, the academia switch in my brain flipped. From dinner till at least midnight, I was in student mode reminding myself how far I had to go before it was my turn to be an actual employee. Though the situation of interning at two places and being a full time student caused a few premature grey hairs, it based the foundation of my time management skills. Out of all of the crucial lessons I learned in college, the most valuable is being able to juggle a variety of responsibility, and doing it well.

Now that I’m out of college, I have my Sundays to myself again which is oddly liberating. Actually, I have more free time than I’ve had for most of my life. Even when I finally land a full time-job (God willingly this week) my time is still mine at night and on the weekends. Not only am I able to actually follow television series on a weekly basis, but my social life is better than ever. Instead of editing a paper or researching a topic, I can unwind at night with a glass a wine and dinner with a friend. My favorite part of the newly acquired free time is the chance to explore passions that had fallen to the wayside. Getting the chance to blog on a regular basis, or work on the book I’ve been planning to start is invigorating. I am slowly learning the balance of my responsibilities and my passions to create a more enriched version of myself.

On another note, my beloved Phillies choked the other night leaving myself and the city of Philadelphia devastated. Just another lesson, never count your chickens before they hatch.

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